Wednesday, August 19th, 2020

THE top 3 affiliate programs in 2020, that are making my  most successful clients the easiest money...

As a solo ads vendor, I come accross lots of different affiliate products and programs my clients are promoting. 

Some are hyped for a short time before they die off, others are evergreen programs. Some work really well (in terms of commissions and ROI), and some do not. 

We all want to grow our business and provide for the family, so I would like to make this info accessible for all my clients. Enjoy !


1. My Lead Gen Secret  (No. 1 Program !)

My Lead Gen Secret is an email advertising platform. Members pay $30 per month and get 100 new US based emails leads every day, which they can promote mmo offers to with the inbuilt mailing system.

As an Affiliate, you earn residual comissions 5 levels deep:

You receive $5/month on personal membership sales to customers who purchase directly from your affiliate link (Level 1)

You receive $4/month on your personally sponsored Affiliate's membership sales (Level 2), $3/month on the membership sales of the people they personally sponsor (Level 3), $2/month on levels 4 and $1/month on level 5.

Level 1: $5/month
Level 2: $4/month
Level 3: $3/month
Level 4: $2/month
Level 5: $1/month

Meaning you´ll earn money everytime one of your referrals or their referrals refer a new member. In addition, they pay out $100 bonuses if you refer 5 new members within one week.

It will cost $30 to join My Lead Gen Secret and to become an affiliate. 

Check out MLGS here

 PS: If you decide to sign up for MLGS, please contact me on facebook. I will invite you to a private group, where you will receive 187K bonus email leads!


2. Prosperity Marketing System 

Plug and play marketing system that offers full online marketing training and  a very agressive, multi-level compensation plan with leverage, that allows you to build residual income with just a few referrals. It also incentivises your downline to join you with your primary MLM business / Affiliate program, so you can multiply your earnings. 

Take the free tour to see for youself



3. Guarantee Downline Club 

The GDLC is a global online club of free members each growing their own downline of other people to follow them into a paying online business, an undetermined as of yet, as one big pre-assembled down line group instead of alone, so everbody can make a huge amount of money right away.

So how does this all work?

It's very simple. Simply tell people about the GDLC and promote your GDLC affiliate URL whereever you can. Everyone that joins after you will get paid $5 from them. And you will get a commission for every referral you sponsor.

When you join for free they pay you $5.00 instantly. And, they pay you $0.50 for the free members that you sponsor and keep, which you don't pass up.
You are also growing a great list of members and prospects that you can email about anything you wish.

Sign up and ear n $5 immediately


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